SRTP History Old

SRTP History Old

In November of 2012, Diamond Developers signed an agreement of cooperation with the University of California Board of Regents, on behalf of the Davis campus, to formally collaborate in the areas of applied research and training related to each institution’s sustainable living community.  The collaborative relationship grew with academic exchanges, further visits and another agreement penned in February, 2014.  This agreement was formally signed in March 2014, when a delegation from UC Davis which included Chancellor Linda Katehi, Vice Chancellor Harris Lewin, Vice Provost William Lacy, Professor Bryan Jenkins, and Professor Suad Joseph traveled to Dubai.  In the agreement, Diamond Developers committed 2.9 million dollars over a three year period to launch the Sustainability Research and Training Program.  The agreement has funded interdisciplinary research and study on the UC Davis campus and at the Sustainable City in Dubai.  The SRTP program has included research grants, development of indices of sustainability, and online sustainability training.

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Meetings with Faris Saeed, CEO, and Wassim Adlouni, Executive Director Diamond Developers, Dubai, UAE

Social Sustainability: Open meeting with Faris Saeed and Wassim Adlouni of Diamond Developers and faculty working in social sustainability in the Division of Social Sciences (DSS) and Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies (HArCS) on research and training pertaining to the design for sustainable living.

The Sustainable City-Insights into the Design of a Sustainable Community: Diamond Developers are designing the Sustainable City, an urban community to meet the needs of people living in Dubai while respecting the country’s heritage and environment.  The project is intended to offer practical sustainable design solutions that respect the natural landscape and curtail the impact associated with large scale development.  This discussion centers on the nature and history of the project and further research and development needs.  The dialog following the seminar provides an opportunity to discuss potential areas for collaborative research supported through the Sustainability Research and Training Program administered by UC Davis. 

The Sustainable City:

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Meetings in Dubai, March 2014 - Developing more sustainable societies is one of the critical challenges of the 21st-century. Universities have a unique role to play in helping advance this issue: breaking down barriers, bringing disciplines together, taking risks, and modeling sustainability. This work requires creative partnerships between businesses and universities in research, training, and application, and it is critical to take a global view. In March of 2014, the BCBCB Consortium met to discuss opportunities for collaboration on issues of sustainability. Read more....

Sustainable City Model"UC Davis West Village inspires plan for Dubai Sustainable City" - November 9, 2012



Richard Tutwiler; Director of the Desert Development Center, and the late Stephen Everhart, Associate Dean of the Business School (AUC) and Ruihong Zhang (UCD Bio and Ag Engineering) collaborated on building an anaerobic digester at AUC as well as exploring other alternative energy sources in Egypt. In September 2010, Stephen Everhart, Dean AUC School of Business and Richard Tutwiler, Director of Desert Development Center, AUC, develop biogas project with Ruihong Zhang, UC Davis. Tutwiler had come to UC Davis twice with the BCBCB project.  Joseph met Everhart and Tutwiler in Cairo in 2009 to follow up.  Everhart and Tutwiler visited UC Davis together in 2008. 

In June 2010, Mr. Faris Saeed and Dr. Fabiana Tessele visited UC Davis for one week, meeting Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellor for Research, Deans and faculty of Division of Social Science, Engineering, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, and Graduate School of Management. He proposed a UC Davis Dubai Center for Environmental Studies, focusing on training professionals in waste management and water treatment initially and evolving into a college eventually. Mr. Faris Saeed returned to UC Davis in November 2012 for a week to meet with Engineering, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Letters and Sciences, Chancellor, and Vice Chancellor for Research. As a result, Diamond Developers signs an MOU with the Chancellor to develop a UC Davis Sustainable Engineering Research Center and a Social Research Center in Dubai, focusing on engineering and social research and training for sustainable living in Dubai, as a template for other countries in the region.