BCBCB Consortium Dubai Meeting- March 2014

Developing more sustainable societies is one of the critical challenges of the 21st-century. Universities have a unique role to play in helping advance this issue: breaking down barriers, bringing disciplines together, taking risks, and modeling sustainability. This work requires creative partnerships between businesses and universities in research, training, and application, and it is critical to take a global view. In March of 2014, the BCBCB Consortium met to discuss opportunities for collaboration on issues of sustainability. Each university provided an overview of sustainability on their campus. Discussions on issues of sustainable food, water, compost, renewable energy, and sustainable social living followed. Materials related to the meetings and these discussions are posted below. 

Sustainability Overviews

AUB: Sustainability Overview (download powerpoint, 4 MB)


AUC: Sustainability Overview (download powerpoint, 10.9 MB) 


LAU: Sustainability Overview (download pdf, 3.4 MB)


UC Davis: Sustainability Overview (download powerpoint, 23.4 MB)


Birzeit University: Sustainability Overview (download powerpoint, 96 KB)