Sustainability Research and Training Program

      The Sustainability Research and Training Program (SRTP) is a collaborative project of the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) and the Diamond Developers of Dubai, UAE.  In March 2014, UC Davis and Diamond Developers signed an agreement to promote research and training regarding the technologies and social conditions entailed in building, living in, and maintaining communities designed for sustainable living.  During the term of the agreement, Diamond Developers designed, built and populated The Sustainable City in Dubai. The Sustainable City has served as a living laboratory for research and training.  The interdisciplinary collaborative research included partners from the UCDAR Consortium. The projects engaged faculty from the social sciences, physical sciences and engineering.  Research focused on water, soil, solid waste management, organic food production, renewable energy, and the social conditions and experiences entailed in building, living in, and maintaining communities designed for sustainable living.    

SRTP promoted research and training through the following strategies.

1. Diamond Developers Sustainability Fellowship Program

2. Research Grant Program

3. Online Curriculum 

4. Indices of Sustainability

5. The Next Generation of Sustainable Communities Conference

For additional background, please see the SRTP History page which includes information on key events and activities in the development of the SRTP program.  More information about the Sustainable City in Dubai can be found here. Other sustainability research efforts across the UCDAR consortium partners may be found here.


SRTP Next Gen Conference Planning Committee 2020


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The Sustainability Research and Training Program is a partnership between Diamond Developers and UC Davis.  Pictured from left to right are: Mr. Faris Saeed, CEO of Diamond Developers; Vice Provost Joanna Regulska; Professor Bryan Jenkins; Distinguished Professor Suad Joseph; Mr. Wassim Adlouni, Executive Director of Diamond Developers; Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi; and Vice Chancellor David Lawlor.