EWIC Public Outreach Resources

The EWIC Public Outreach Project was funded by the Henry Luce Foundation in January of 2012.  The project is focused on creating outreach materials for local community groups, K-12 schools, teachers, religious organizations, and the media to expand the reach of the scholarship that has been produced since the publication of EWIC Volume I.


      The resources -- concept notes, topical notes, datasheets, FAQs and bibliographies --  are posted online for free, made available in hard copy for free, and distributed at workshops and training sessions for free.  The EWIC General Editor has received permission from Brill to reproduce selected EWIC articles for free public dissemination. All are available on the website.

      A breakdown of the Outreach Resources follows: EWIC SCHOLARLY ARTICLES articles are the relevant articles largely selected with K-12 teachers in mind; however the breadth of topics they cover is wide-ranging, we are grateful to Brill for allowing us to post them for free on our Outreach page, DATASHEETS are a page of bulleted facts and statistics, CONCEPT AND TOPICAL NOTES are analytical discussion exploring specific topic and one page descriptive, definitional essays; OTHER RESOURCES include BIBLIOGRAPHIES are selected, concise, annotated ad super specific; and FAQs which are detail-oriented, frequently asked questions about Muslim Women.

      The current offerings cover topics from Islamophobia, Muslim Americans, veiling styles, suggested reading lists, contraceptive use in Muslim-majority countries, women and education in Indonesia and Malaysia, women and education in Sub-Saharan Africa, women and education in the Middle East, as well as women and science in the Middle East. The WEB RESOURCES section currently lists 36 websites that which are helpful in for public outreach regarding women and Islamic cultures.

      Future projects include creating a Media Training Resources portion to our Outreach Resources page, which will provide links to media training materials, videos and so forth. The Writing for Encyclopedias section of the Outreach webpage will address guidelines for encyclopedic writing for graduate students.