Proposal Writing and Funding Research

      For more than three decades, Dr. Suad Joseph has trained scholars in the skills of proposal writing and research design. Currently, she runs multiple-year mentorship and training programs leading the Training to Transformative Gender Research in partnership with the Arab Council for the Social Sciences. In addition to these long-term, grant-driven programs, Dr. Joseph offers training on a consultancy basis.  The long-term training programs focus on development of a “maximal” research proposal (all the components which could be required), data gathering, data analysis, writing and publishing.  The shorter training programs focus on the development of a maximal research proposal.
      Dr. Joseph’s goal with these trainings is to provide early career scholars with a greater probability of being funded.  She hopes to provide tools for critical thinking and problem solving which are central to scientific investigation.

      We would like to thank the Open Society Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the International Development Research Center, and the University of California, Davis Office of the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs for supporting this webpage.

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