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Agenda for November Meeting


November 14, 15, 16, and 17, 2018

Grand Hyatt San Antonio

600 E Market St, San Antonio Tx, 78205

Funded by the Henry Luce Foundation on behalf of

Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures


Wednesday, November 14th, 2018: Muslim Women and the Media Training Institute Seminar

Room Presidio B

8:00-8:45am                Critical Conversations

Dr. Suad Joseph, Distinguished Research Professor of Anthropology and Gender

Dr. Elora Shehabuddin, Associate Professor of Humanities and Political Science

Dr. Sarah Gualtieri, Associate Professor in the Department of History and American Studies and Ethnicity

Dr. Lawrence Pintak, Founding Dean of The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication; Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, Washing State University

8:45am-10:49am         Presentations

8:45-9:16am Pooja Singh: "Being Queer, Muslim, Woman and Indian: How the Community is Struggling to Navigate the Twin Challenges Posed by Religion and Sexuality" BY SKYPE

9:16-9:47am Sumaira Alwani: "Suffering in Silence: Roots of Rape Crime in Canada and Pakistan"

9:47-10:18am Bian Elkhatib BY SKYPE

10:18am-10:49am Nour Halabi “Has the passage of the Muslim Ban mobilized Muslim Women living in the United States?”

10:49-11:04                 Break

11:04am-1:08pm         Presentations

11:04-11:35am Heena Khan: "Muslimah of the Ganges, Some Truths"

11:35am-12:06pm Yehyun Kim: "Life as a Muslim Women in South Korea"

12:06-12:37pm Hunter Martin: Interviews with Iranian Women

12:37-1:08pm Eryn Mathewson: Interview with Bilqis Abdul Qaadir

1:08pm-2:08pm           Lunch

2:08-4:12pm                Presentations

2:08-2:39pm Atia Musazay: "The Chemist"

2:39-3:10pm Mira Nabulsi

3:10-3:41pm Amy Nelson: “Arbaeen Walk”

3:41-4:12pm Layla Quran “How a Mother’s Struggle with Mental Illness Inspired Others to Get Talking”

4:12-4:27pm                Break

4:27-6:00pm                Presentations 

4:27-4:58pm Hanan Abdel-Khalek

4:58-5:29pm Aviva Stahl: "The Sexual Assault Epidemic That no one is Talking About" BY SKYPE

5:29- 6:00pm Charlotte Prud'Homme: “The Sierra Leone Muslim Women’s Federation” BY SKYPE

6:00pm            Break for dinner

6:30pm            Dinner Reservations at:

            Yard House

            849 E Commerce St #409

            San Antonio, TX 78205

            Reservation name: Suad Joseph

Thursday, November 15th, 2018: MESA Film Festival and Thematic Discussions at MESA

10:20am A Feeling Greater than Love at the MESA Film Festival, Bonham B

1:00pm Unspoken at the MESA Film Festival, Bonham B

3:15 pm Your Last Walk in the Mosque at the MESA Film Festival, Bonham B

5:30-7:30pm Managing Porosity in North Africa’s Borders

5:30-7:30pm Constitutions in the Contemporary Middle east: (How) do they still matter?

5:30-7:30pm Political Psychology in the Middle East

5:30-7:30pm Thematic Conversation-Mapping Islam in Middle America: Sources and Trends

5:30-7:30pm Missionaries during the Ottoman Period

Friday, November 16th, 2018 Film Festival and Panel Presentations at MESA

8:30am Writing Past Lives: Gender, Biography, and History, Created by Nova Robinson

8:30am Contesting Disciplinary Boundaries, Negotiating the Global: Middle East Studies and Critical Ethnic and Race Studies in Conversation, Created by Carol Fadda

11:00am Professional Development Workshop: Proposal Writing and Research Design: How to Fund Your Ideas, Workshop Facilitated by Suad Joseph

12:30 pm The Feeling of Being Watched at the MESA Film Festival, Bonham B

1:30pm Covering Muslim Women: Working with Journalists For Accurate Representation, Created by Elora Shehabuddin

2:00pm Yemen: Kids and War at the MESA Film Festival, Bonham B

4:00pm Queer Theory and Methodology: Applications and Possibilities for Middle East Studies, Created by Anne Marie Butler

6:30pm Presidential Address, MESA President, Judith E. Tucker, Texas Ballroom A

Saturday, November 17th, 2018: Muslim Women and the Media Training Institute Seminar

Room Mission A

8:00-8:30am Coffee

8:30-9:30am Muslim Women and the Media Training Institute Debrief

9:30-10am Muslim Women and the Media Training Institute survey

3:00pm Recommended Panel Presentation: Beyond Revolution: Emerging                              gendered perspectives from modern Arab history

Sunday, November 18th, 2018: Recommended Panel Presentations

8:30am The Other Domino Effect: Women's Rights and Political Participation

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