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Muslim Women and the Media Training Institute February 2018 Seminar


February 2, 3, 4, 2018

University of California, Davis

Funded by the Henry Luce Foundation on behalf of: Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures

For Download: February 2018 Seminar Agenda

 Friday, February 2, 2018

8:30-9:00           Coffee and registration

9:00-9:30           Dr. Suad Joseph:  Welcome, introduction of trainers, background to Institute

9:30-10:00         Introduction of institute participants

10:00-10:30        Dr. Suad Joseph:  Plan for the year-long institute

                    Exercise:  Associating Islam/women and Islam/men and Islam

10:30-10:45        Break

10:45-11:30        Dr. Zeina Zaatari:  An Introduction to Islam. Muslim Women and Modern Family Law


“Law: Modern Family Law 1800-Present: Arab States” Lama Abu-Odeh Zahia Smail Salhi. 2003. “Algerian Women, Citizenship, and the Family Code.” Gender and Development 11(3): 27-35.

11:30-12:15        Dr. Sarah Gualtieri:  Approaches to the Study of Women and Islam:                                      


Mohja Kahf.  “How to be a Careful Reader.”

Judith Tucker. “Gender and Islam.” 

12:15-1:00         Lunch

1:00-2:00           Dr. Lawrence Pintak:  Prospects, Pitfalls, and Practices in Covering Islam.


                                    From:    “Islam for Journalists – A Primer for Covering Muslims”

     “Covering Islam Over There from Over Here.” Stephen Franklin. Pgs. 169-193

     “Women and Islam.” Shereen El Feki. Pgs. 194-210

     “Islam on Main Street.”  Lawrence Pintak. Pgs. 255-260

2:00-3:00           Dr. Suad Joseph:  Muslim Women in The New York Times


Suad Joseph and Benjamin D’Harlingue with Alvin Ka Hin Wong.  “Arab Americans and Muslim Americans in The New York Times, Before  and After 9/11.” 

3:00-3:15           Break

3:15-4:15           Dr. Sarah Gualtieri:  Women and Islamic Authority                        


                                    “The Quiet Heretic” A controversial prayer upends a professor’s life.” Thomas Bartlett

4:15-5:15           Dr. Elora Shehabuddin:  Muslim women and transnational political economy:


Petra Dannecker. “Laboring Practices: Bangladesh”

Jehan Shibli.  “Migration: Pakistan”

 5:15-5:30          Assignment    

5:30-7:00           Break

7:00-                 Dinner 


Saturday, February 3, 2018

9:00-10:00         Workshopping Assignments

10:00-11:00        Dr. Zeina Zaatari:  Muslim women and sexuality in the Middle East


Sahar Amer. “Political Social Movements:  Homosexuality and Queer Movements: Egypt.” 

Pinar Ilkkaracan. (2008), Introduction: Sexuality as a Contested Political Domain in the Middle East, In Deconstructing Sexuality in the Middle East. London: Ashgate, pp.1-16

Ghassan Makarem. (2011) “The Story of Helem.” Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies 7(3):98-112

Meem Collective . (2009) “Introduction.” In Bareed Mista3jil: True Stories, p.1-29. Beirut, Lebanon.

11:00-12:00        Dr. Annelies Moors:   Women and Islam in Europe


Annelies Moors & Emma Tarlo. “Introduction:  Islamic Fashion and Anti-Fashion: New Perspectives from Europe and North America.

Jocelyne Cesari “Western Europe:  1945 to Present”

12:00-1:00         Lunch

1:00-2:00           Dr. Annelies Moors: Marriage and Family in Europe and the Middle East


Annelies Moors.  “Unregistered Islamic Marriages:  Anxieties About Sexuality and Islam.”

Pia Karlsson Minganti.  “Introducing ‘Fourth Space’”:  Young Muslims Negotiating Marriage in Europe.”

                                      Hanan Kholoussy.  “Marriage Practices:  Arab States”

                                      Kimberly Hart.  “Marriage Practices:  Turkey.”

2:00-3:00           Dr. Elora Shehabuddin:  Muslim women’s activism


                                    Archana Parashar.  “Political-Social Movements:  Feminists: South Asia”

                                    Catherine Z. Sameh. “Political-Social Movements: Feminist: Iran.”

                                    Yuniyanti Chuzaifah. “Political-Social Movements: Feminists: Indonesia

3:00-3:15           Break

3:15-4:15           Soterios Johnson:  Journalism Practice and Resources

                           Readings & Resources:

“The Invisible Muslims: Challenging the Media to Report on Mainstream Muslim-Americans.”                Reporters’ Notebook: Covering Islam in America by Andrea Eliot (in “Islam for Journalists,” between Chapters One and Two)                                                                    

4:15-5:00           Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:  “The Danger of a Single Story”                                                

5:00- 5:30          Dr. Suad Joseph:    Debrief & Assignments

5:30-7:00           Break    [Trainers Meeting]

7:00-                 Dinner 


Sunday, Feb 4, 2018

9:00-12:00          Participants’ presentations (15 minutes each)

12:00-1:00         lunch

1:00-3:00           Participants’ presentations

3:00-4:30           Mentors, assignments, MESA-Thematic Conversation, MESA conference, ½ day


4:30-5:00           Comments/questions/feedback      

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