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Book In Process: Reporting Islam: Muslim Women in The New York Times. This book is an
analysis of the representation, in The New York Times, of Muslim women and the veil from
1980-2010. The book compares the representation by the NYT of Muslim women and the veil in several key countries to identify continuities and discontinuities.

2012 -- Suad Joseph with Benjamin D’Harlingue. “The Wall Street Journal’s Muslims:
Representing Islam in American Print News Media.
” Islamophobia Studies Journal.
Volume 1. No. 1 (Spring.). Pp. 132-164. Center for Race and Gender. UC Berkeley

2008 -- Suad Joseph with Benjamin D’Harlingue, with Ka Hin Wong. “Arab Americans and
Muslim Americans in the New York Times, Before and After 9/11.
” From Invisible
Citizens to Visible Subjects: Arab American Identities Before and After 9/11. Eds.
Amaney Jamal and Nadine Naber. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press. 229- 275.

2007 -- Suad Joseph with Benjamin D’Harlingue. “Media Representations and the
Criminalization of Arab Americans and Muslim Americans.
” Women’s Lives:
Multicultural Perspectives. Eds. Gwyn Kirk and Margo Okazawa-Rey. Syracuse:
Syracuse University Press. 464-468.

2006 -- Suad Joseph with “(Mis)Representing Arab and Muslim Americans: Recurring Patterns in U.S. Print Media.” Arab-US Media Forum. Queenstown, MD: The Aspen Institute
(Autumn): 2-3.


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