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EWIC Thanks!



EWIC Thanks!

Editors of the Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures would like to thank:


Brill Academic Publishers
Brill's willingness to advance funds and to invest its staff time in EWIC from 1998 to the present has been critical to the development and evolution of EWIC. The EWIC Editors are grateful for the years of continued support and commitment from Brill's Editors and Management.

American University in Cairo
The American University in Cairo generously offered EWIC office space and internet support from 1999-2001.

University of California, Davis
The University of California, Davis offered a commitment to EWIC, including financial, office, and staff support. Support came from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, the Dean of Graduate Studies, the Dean of Social Sciences, the Dean of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies and the Department of Anthropology.

Ford Foundation
In 2001, the Ford Foundation awarded EWIC a grant, and a second one in 2004, without which EWIC could not have grown from the originally planned three volumes to six volumes. The grants have supported research assistants, editor release time, translation costs and other related costs for EWIC. The participating Ford offices include: New York, President's Office; New York, Education, Sexuality, Religion Unit; New York, Human Rights Program; Beijing; Cairo; Jakarta; Johannesburg; Lagos; Manila; Moscow; Nairobi; New Delhi.

International Development Research Center
IDRC awarded EWIC a grant in 2005 to update and expand its EWIC Scholars Database for publication online for free public access. This service to the international community of scholars and practitioners offers scholars, students, and practitioners information dissemination, networking and knowledge building.

The Swedish Institute of Alexandria
The Swedish Institute of Alexandria awarded EWIC a grant in 2005 to co-fund, with the Ford Foundation, the translation into Arabic of Volume I of Print EWIC for publication online for free public access. This most unusual project makes the critical methodological resource volume of EWIC available to a large international community of Arabic reading scholars and practitioners.

Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development
The Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development awarded EWIC a Bridging Grant in 2009 to support the editorial work of the EWIC Online edition. EWIC Online publishes two annual supplements to EWIC, one in Fall and one in Spring, adding 200,000+ words to EWIC annually. The goal of EWIC Online is to innovatively produce new forms of knowledge production on women and Islamic cultures, via the web.

Henry Luce Foundation
2011-2013 EWIC won an award from the Henry Luce Foundation, for EWIC. The award, "Re-Presenting Women and Islamic Cultures: The EWIC Public Outreach Project,” funded three years of public and media education on women and Islamic cultures, based on the 16 years of the EWIC project.

The Henry Luce Foundation also funded the “Muslim Women and the Media Project” (MWM) of EWIC from 2017-2020. MWM supported the Editors of EWIC in training and mentoring early career journalists from the United States, Europe, and Asia to work in a variety of platforms to develop projects on Muslim women for distribution.

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