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EWIC Scholarly Articles

Adoption and Fostering: Overview by Ingrid Mattson

Aging: United States by Sonia Salari

Arts: Fiction and Fiction Writers: North America by Samia Serageldin

Arts: Popular Culture: North America by Saeed A. Khan

Arts: Theater: United States by Nathalie Handal

Arts: Women Journalists and Women's Press: Central Arab States by Magda Abu-Fadil

Childhood: Coming of Age Rituals: North America by Taslim Madhani

Citizenship: Southeast Asia by Vivienne Wee & Asma Beatrix

Economics: Labor Profiles: Arab States by Jennifer C. Olmsted

Education (Early through late) Modern: Indonesia by Susan Blackburn

Education: Women’s Religious: Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australia and the Pacific by Muhammad Eeqbal Farouque Hassim

Education: Women's Religious: United States by Debra Mubashshir Majeed

Family: Modern Islamic Discourses: United States by Earle Waugh

Family Relations: United States by Barbara C. Aswad

Freedom of Expression: United States by Mohamed Nimer

Genital Cutting: Africa and the Middle East by Noor Kassamali

Kinship, Descent Systems: East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific by Mina Elfira

Language: Use by Women: North America: Yemeni American Girls by Loukia K. Sarroub

Law: Articulation of Islamic and non-Islamic Societies: Southeast Asia by Mark Cammack

Marriage Practices: United States by Lori Peek

Memory, Women, and Community: Western Europe by Karin van Nieuwkerk

Military: Women's Participation: United States by Shareda Hosein

Modesty Discourses: Overview by Lila Abu-Lughod

Motherhood: Arab States by Farha Ghannam

Networks: North Africa by Paula Holmes-Eber

North America: Early 20thCentury to Present by Nadine Naber

Political Parties and Participation by Katherine Bullock

Political Social Movements: Feminist: Indonesia by Yuniyanti Chuzaifah

Political Social Movements: Feminist: Iran by Nima Naghibi

Political Social Movements: Feminist: United States by Maliha Chishti

Religious Associations: United States by Mohamed Nimer

Religious Practices: Conversion: Mexico: Chiapas by Sandra Cañas Cuevas

Religious Practices: Preaching and Women Preachers: South Asia by Maimuna Huq

Religious Practices: Preaching and Women Preachers: Sudan by Souad T. Ali

Religious Practices: Religious Commemorations: Argentina by Sofia Martos

Religious Practices: Waqf: Overview by Zeinab A. Abul-Magd

Religious Practices: Zakāt (Almsgiving) and Other Charitable Practices: Overview by Ellison Banks Findly

Representations: Afterlife Stories: Overview by Jane I. Smith

Representations: Fiction, Modern: Argentina by Christina Civantos

Reproduction: Conception, Reproductive Choices, and Islam: Overview by Anke Niehof

Sectarianism and Confessionalism: United States by Rula Jurdi Abisaab

Secularism: Arab States (excepting North Africa and the Gulf) by Annika Rabo

Stereotypes: United States: Arab Muslim Women as Portrayed in Film by Jack Shaheen

Youth Culture and Movements: United States by Kristine Ajrouch

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