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EWIC Datasheets are single page, fact-based information bulletins covering a wide-range of topics. EWIC datasheets are produced by graduate and undergraduate student researchers in the Suad Joseph Research Lab.  They are reviewed by faculty members and are intended for a general public audience. 
The EWIC Datasheets below are organized by topic. Within subgroups datasheets cover Muslim-majority countries and diaspora populations. They are written with a wide audience in mind.  Please feel free to print, distribute and use as needed. If you have any questions or corrections please email us at .  The EWIC Outreach Project is grateful to the Henry Luce Foundation for support of our work.  Earlier EWIC outreach work was additionally supported by the International Development Research Center (IDRC), Ottawa, and the Ford Foundation (Cairo, and New York City).  The EWIC Outreach Project is also grateful to the University of California, Davis, Office of Research, Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Anthropology Department for their on-going support. 


Government and Politics 

 Women in Government: Iran

 Women in Governmental Bodies: South Asia

 Women in Government: Western Sub-Saharan Africa

 Women in Government: South Asia

 Women in Politics: Eastern Mediterranean

 Women in Levantine Legislation

 Women in Government: Heads of State in the Muslim World

 Women in the Electorate: MENA Region

 Women and Colonialism: Algeria

 Women and Colonialism: Egypt

 Women in National Legislatures post-2011: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya


Demographics & Population

 Muslim Immigration and Policy in Italy

 African-American Muslim Communities

 Muslim Demographics: Australia

 Muslim Demographics: Germany

 Muslim Demographics: China

 Muslims Demographics: Philippines

 Muslim Demographics: South America

 Muslim Demographics: Nordic Countries and the Netherlands

 Muslim Demographics: Worldwide

 Demographics: European Muslims

 Population and Policies for French Muslims

 Muslims as Minorities

 Muslim Women in Hausa

 Muslim Women in Sub Saharan Africa

 Displaced Muslims in Burma

 Women in Uyghur Culture

 Demography and Origins of European Muslim Women

 Climate Change Impacts on Women-Sub-Saharan Africa


Labor and Employment

 South Asian Women: Judiciaries 

 Women in Nonagricultural Sectors: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & Afghanistan

 Muslim Women in Broadcasting: United Kingdom

 Women's Employment: Malaysia

 Female Financiers: Arab Gulf States

 Notable Arab-American Women

 Indonesian Fashion Industry

 Women in the STEM field: Arab Region

 Women in the STEM field: Middle East & North Africa

 Women in the STEM field: Central Asia

 Muslim Women in the Olympic Games

 Women in the Medical Field: West Asia

 Women’s Role in Agriculture: North Africa

 Women in Fisheries: Malaysia and Indonesia

 Women in Agriculture: West Asia

 Arab Women in Journalism - Arab Region

 Women’s Participation in the Labor Force: North Africa








 Overview: Women and Displacement 

 Women and Displacement: Muslim Majority Countries

 Families affected by drone strikes: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen

 Women in the Armed Forces: Pakistan

 Outlawing the Burka: Europe

 Syrian Women Migrants to Europe  

 Military: Women's Participation: Muslim World

 Hate Crimes Against Muslim Women: Australia 

 Climate Change Impacts on Women: West Asia

 Hate Crimes against Muslim Women: North America

 Palestinian Women in the Israeli Prison System

 Women and the Arab Spring: Libya

 Displaced Arab Women post-2011: Syria, Iraq, and Libya

 Women and the Arab Spring: Egypt

 Women and the Arab Spring: Tunisia 

 Post-Paris Attacks: Muslim Women and Hate Crimes


Women's Organizations

 Women's Organizations: Malaysia

 Women's Organization: Indonesia

 Women's Organizations: Morocco

 Women's Organizations: Egypt

 Women's Organizations: Pakistan

 Female Activism in North Africa

 Social and Political Involvement of Muslim Women In Europe: France

 Muslim Women’s Organizations in the U.S.

 Women's Organizations: Palestine


Healthcare and Education

 Healthcare in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei

 Women in Stem and Higher Education: Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh

 Universal Healthcare: Arab Gulf Countries

 Muslim Women: Central Asia: Health Care Systems

 Education and Marriage: Bangladesh

 Education: Iran

 Women and Literacy: Arab Gulf States

 Women and Literacy: Sub-Saharan Africa

 Women and Literacy: Central Asia

 North African Women in Science

 Population and HIV in Ethiopia

 Population and Fertility in Nigeria

 Reproductive Rights in Iran

 Women's Health in Morocco

 South Asian Literacy 

• Muslim Women in American Universities 

 Women’s Education in Palestine

Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

 Palestinian Women in Writing and Poetry

 Traditional Dance Forms in Southeast Asia

 Muslim Women in Hip Hop and Rap

 American and British Muslim Women in Comedy

 Egyptian Women in Street Art and Grafitti

 Arab Women in Sports

 Women in Folk Music - Central Asia

 Muslim Women in Pop Music





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