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EWIC Datasheets are single page, fact-based information bulletins covering a wide-range of topics. EWIC datasheets are produced by graduate and undergraduate student researchers in the Suad Joseph Research Lab.  They are reviewed by faculty members and are intended for a general public audience. 

The EWIC Datasheets below are organized by topic. Within subgroups datasheets cover Muslim-majority countries and disaspora populations. They are written with a wide audience in mind.  Please feel free to print, distribute and use as needed. If you have any questions or corrections please email us at .  The EWIC Outreach Project is grateful to the Henry Luce Foundation for support of our work.  Earlier EWIC outreach work was additionally supported by the International Development Research Center (IDRC), Ottawa, and the Ford Foundation (Cairo, and New York City).  The EWIC Outreach Project is also grateful to the University of California, Davis, Office of Research, Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Anthropology Department for their on-going support. 

Government and Politics

Demographics & Population

Labor and Employment


Women's Organizations

Healthcare and Education

Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies




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