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Research Projects 2012-2016

(1) War, Diasporas, and Reproduction of Social Class Among Sudanese Elite

Researchers: Ibrahim El Nur


(2) Blogging in Egypt and Palestine: The Creation of New Culture Public Spheres

Researchers: Hoda Elsadda


(3) A Geneology of the Concept of Youth: Emerging Categories in Egyptian Public Discourse

Researchers: Omnia El Shakry


(4) The Civic Struggles of Urban Egyptian Youth

Researchers: Barbara Ibrahim


(5) The Politics of Group Weddings in Palestine: Political and Gender Tensions

Researchers: Islah Jad


(6) Marriage and Movements: Weddings and Wars

Researchers: Penny Johnson, Annelies Moors, Lamis Ab Nahleh


(7) Transnational Lebanese Families and Youth: Moveable Citizenship

Researchers: Suad Joseph

(8) Post-Crisis Household Division of Labour in Lebanon

Researchers: Ray Jureidini

(9) Exploring the Migration of Young Lebanese Couples

Researchers: Mona Khalaf

(10) Palestinian Youth in East Jerusalem: Constructions of Desire, Imaginaries in Different Social Contexts

Researcher: Eileen Kuttab


(11) Displaces Arab Families Coping and Changes: Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon

Researchers: Jihad Makhoul

(12) The Transnational Circulation of Families in a Time of War: Lebanese Border Crossings Between Lebanon and Michigan

Researchers: Nadine Naber


(13) Collecting Data, Constructing Desire: The Girl Child as a Problem Space

Researchers: Martina Rieker

(14) Lebanese Heteronormativity: Family, Adulthood, and Citizenship

Researchers: Zeina Zaatari

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