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Nadine Naber

Associate Professor, Gender and Women's Studies and Asian American Studies, University of Illinois, Chicago

Nadine Naber is an Associate Professor in Gender and Women's Studies and Asian American Studies at the University of Illinois, Chicago.  She received her Ph.D. in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Davis. Her research and teaching contribute to the field, Arab American Studies, by incorporating the methods and theories of Women of Color, Transnational, and Post-Colonial Feminist Studies. Her work utilizes ethnographic methods that allow for theorizing from lived experience. She has contributed a diasporic Arab feminist critique that approaches Arab American concepts of gender and sexuality at the nexus of a dynamic interplay between immigration, assimilation, racialization, and U.S. imperial formations. She has also developed feminist analyses of the changing realities of race, gender, and religion among Arab Americans before and after September 11th. Her current research focuses on the significance of family, gender, and sexuality to practices of diasporic nationalisms among Arab Americans in the context of homeland wars. Nadine Naber is co-founder of the Arab Women's Solidarity Association, North America (cyber AWSA); Arab Movement of Women arising for Justice (AMWAJ) and Arab Women’s Activist Network (AWAN) and actively engaged in INCITE! Women of Color against Violence.

First Research Project: The Transnational Circulation of Families in a Time of War: Lebanese Border Crossings Between Lebanon and Michigan

Second Research Project with Zeina Zaatari: Re-Imagining Family, Gender, and Sexuality: Feminist and LGBT Activism in the context of the 2006 Invasion of Lebanon

Selected Publications:

  • Articulating Arabness: Gender and Cultural Politics between Empire and Diaspora. New York: New York University Press, Series: Nation of Newcomers: Immigrant history as American History. 2012.

  • Arab and Arab american Feminisms: On Gender, violence, and Belonging. Edited with Rabab Abdulhadi and Evelyn Alsultany. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press. 2010.

  • Transnational Families Under Siege: Diasporic Engagements with the 2006 War on Lebanon, Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies. 5(2), 2009.

  • Race and Arab Americans Before and After September 11th: From Invisible Citizens to Visible Subjects, (Co-edited with Amaney Jamal). Syracuse: Syracuse University Press. 2007.

  • The Rules of Forced Engagement: Gendered Inscriptions of Terrorism on Arab Muslim Bodies, Journal of Cultural Dynamics. 18(3): 235-267, 2006.

  • Arab American Femininities: Beyond Arab Virgin/American(ized) Whore, Journal of Feminist Studies. 32(1): 87-111; Reprinted in Sex, Gender, and Sexuality (Oxford University Press); Reprinted in Readings for Diversity and Social Justice (Forthcoming, Routledge), 2006.

  • Ambiguous Insiders, An Investigation of Arab American Invisibility, Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies. 23(1): 37-61, 2000.

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