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Eileen Kuttab

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Institute of Women Studies, Birzeit University, Palestine

Eileen Kuttab is an assistant professor in sociology and a faculty member and researcher at Institute of Women studies at Birzeit University in Palestine. She is a founding member of the Institute of Women Studies and founding director from 1998 until August 2008. As a woman activist, she has been involved with grassroots women’s organizations and has served on boards of trustees of human rights and development research centers. Her recent involvement in research and advocacy focused on “Alternative Development: Social and economic rights as a realistic approach to development under colonial occupation.. Her main research interests focus on the relation of feminism to nationalism, social movements and in particular the women’s movement, gender and development particularly women’s work in the informal sector and coping strategies, neo-liberalism and higher education,  and tools for community empowerment through community based organizations.Her recent work in AFWG focuses on youth and political participation.

She is the first elected woman to head the Teachers and Employees Syndicate at Birzeit University in Palestine since 2011. A core member of the Arab Families Working Group a collaborative group of researchers working on Arab families.

Research Project: Palestinian Youth: Construction of Desires and Imaginaries in Different Social Contexts

Selected Publications:

  • Kuttab, E. "Coping with Conflict: Palestinian Families and Households, against all Odds. in eds. Di Marco, Graciela   Tabbush, Constanza  (2011)Feminisms, Democratization and Radical Democracy: Case studies in South and Central America, Middle East and North Africa. UNSAMEDITA. Buenos Aires.
  • Kuttab, E. 2010. “Empowerment as Resistance: Conceptualizing Palestinian Women’s empowerment in “Development” 2010, 53(2). 247-253.
  • Kuttab, E. "Palestinian Women's Organizations: Global Cooption and Local Contradiction" in Cultural Dynamics, 2008 20(2):99-117.
  • Kuttab, E.  The Paradox of Women’s Work: Coping, Crisis, and Family Survival ed. Taraki L. In Living Palestine, Family Survival, Resistance, and Mobility under Occupation.Syracuse University Press, 2006.

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