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AFWG Volumes

AFWG Volume 1: "Framings: Rethinking Arab Family Projects"

Volume I represents the work of AFWG during its first three years in formulating interdisciplinary theoretical approaches for the study of Arab families in Egypt, Lebanon, and Palestine through a critical examination of the key paradigms and the methodological choices strategically deployed in the production of literature on this topic over the previous half century. Informed by this review of the current state of the literature, Volume I also addresses the questions and frameworks developed within the key AFWG projects—Public Discourse and Youth, Border Crossings and the supplementary project on national survey data production. Finally, Volume I offers a genealogy of the AFWG project, focusing especially on the interdisciplinary, comparative, collaborative, and inter-generational vision that motivated and energized our activities, and closes with a bibliography of over 2,000 items on Arab families from the 19th century to the present. 

"Introduction" in Arabic by Suad Joseph & Martina Rieker

Chapter 8: "The AFWG Project: Beginnings" in Arabic by Suad Joseph

"Vol 1: Framings: Rethinking Arab Family Projects" in English 


AFWG Volume 2: "No More Forevers"

AFWG is currently putting together the much awaited Volume II of the AFWG series, entitled “No More Forevers”.  This volume will focus on the research of AFWG’s empirical projects undertaken between 2007 and 2011, and is intended to be an ideal resource for undergraduate courses and teaching. Please check back soon for future updates!

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