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Feminism & STEM

The UCDAR Feminism & STEM project will develop collaborative, feminist STEM research and strategies to strengthen gender equality in STEM academic environments in the Arab region. The goals of the project are:

1.) To develop collaborative, interdisciplinary feminist research projects between UC Davis and Arab region feminist STEM scholars;

2.) To integrate feminist frameworks into STEM research and scholarship; and

3.) To increase gender equality for women in STEM fields


In the Arab region, an extraordinary number of women are pursuing degrees in STEM fields. Many countries are closing the gender gap in bachelor and doctoral degrees in the sciences.  In some countries, women have surpassed men (UNESCO). The Economist has reported a “reverse gender gap” in women’s participation in STEM -- female science students are exceling more than male students, and are more likely to complete degrees compared with male students. Yet, women’s academic success has not translated into a closing of the gender gap professionally.  Women from the region are still vastly underrepresented in STEM careers, and in the labor market.


There has been very little deep exploration of the gendered dimensions of STEM scholarship, how feminist frameworks could be applied to STEM fields, and the climate and opportunities for women in STEM disciplines as faculty and students in the Arab region.  This project, for the first time, initiates engagements between UC Davis and Arab region feminist STEM scholars to foster research partnerships, nurture women’s leadership in STEM fields, and support critical human capital and gender equality in the emerging knowledge and innovation economies in the Arab region.


This project was started with support from a UC Davis International Affairs Seed Grant

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