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The Diamond Developers Doctoral Fellowship Program in Sustainability Studies


The Diamond Developers Doctoral Fellowship Program in Sustainability Studies 

In the summer of 2016, Diamond Developers of Dubai announced a one-time Doctoral Fellowship Program in sustainability studies.  The program provides promising young researchers from the Arab region the opportunity to undertake doctoral graduate studies and research at the University of California, Davis. The merit-based fellowships will be made available to selected students from the Arab region. Fellowships cover all tuition and fees for four years of the PhD program. Cost of living support will be available on a financial need basis. Students will also have the option to carry out part of their research at The Sustainable City in Dubai.

To be eligible, selected candidates need to be accepted in a doctor of philosophy degree program at the University of California, Davis in disciplines relevant to sustainability and economic/social development of Arab countries. Examples include, but are not limited to, agriculture, water, energy, biochemistry, or social science disciplines with a focus on sustainability and sustainable development.

The program supports the United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) and the COP21 Paris Agreement by developing leading researchers, teachers and practitioners in sustainability fields in the Arab region. The fellowships are a critical part of the work of the Diamond Innovation Center based in The Sustainable City in Dubai, which will build and spread knowledge on all aspects of sustainability and the built environment.

The Fellowship program builds on Diamond Developers’ ongoing partnership with UC Davis, which includes a US$ 3 million Sustainability Research and Training Program (SRTP). 

The application deadline for students seeking sponsorship has been closed. Once selected students are confirmed, we will post their information here.  For more information on the Diamond Developers Doctoral Fellowship Program, please consult Diamond Developer’s web page

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