Muslim Women In The New York Times 1980-2011: Liberalism, Feminism, and Racism

Flyer for the Media Conference HERE.

Date:  April 30, 2012

Time: 10 AM - 3 PM

Location:  UC CONFERENCE CENTER, BALLROOM A (across from the UC Davis Mondavi Center)


10:00am-10:50am            Welcome

“Introduction:  Framing Representations”

Suad Joseph, Professor of Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies



"The Material Life of Representation: Veiled Muslim Women in the NYT 1980-2011"

Lena Meari, The Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Fellow, Columbia University


11:50am-1:00pm             Lunch served



“Liberal Feminist Logics of Imperialism: Women's Rights and the Question of Islam"

Tanzeen Doha, PhD Student, Anthropology, UC Davis



“Friends and Foes:  The Pragmatic Liberal Bias in Representation of Muslim Women in the NYT 1980-2011”

Hakeem Naim, PhD Student, History, UC Davis


Workshop Co-Sponsored by:

Anthropology Department,  Middle East/South Asia Studies Program,  Women and Gender Studies Program.


Project PI:  Suad Joseph

Project funded by:  University of California Center for New Racial Studies,  CITRIS,  UC Berkeley

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