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Last Name Saad
First Name Reem
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Current Institutional/University Affiliation American University in Cairo
Department/Center Affiliation Social Research Center
Starting Date of Position 1996
Title (e.g., Associate Professor, Graduate Student) Research Associate Professor
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Educational Background

Highest Degree Awarded D.Phil
In what field or discipline? None
Degree Received From (school name) University of Oxford
Thesis or Dissertation Title Peasants' Perceptions of Recent Egyptian History
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Previous Professional Experience

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Areas of Specialization

Country or Countries

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Historical Regime(s)

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Regional Area(s)

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Arab States

Historical Time Period(s)

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1900 2000 CE


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Development Discourses And Practices
Development Sustainable Development
Migration Labor And Remittances
Nation Representations Symbols And Myths
Research Interests (Please provide a brief summary in the space provided) Rural Society, historical anthropology, ethnographic film.
Other Fields of Expertise or Experience
Current and Ongoing Projects

Languages and Fluency

Language Arabic Fluency: advanced
Language English Fluency: advanced
Language French Fluency: intermediate
Language Fluency: None
Language Fluency: None

Honors and Awards

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Please list five most recent and/or relevant works to women and Islamic cultures

Reem Saad. “’Ceci N’est Pas La Femme Egyptienne!’ L’Egypte entre representations occidentales et discours nationaliste”. Egypte/Monde arabe no. 30-31- 2e et 3e trimestres 1997. Reem Saad. "Shame, Reputation and Egypt's Lovers: A controversy over the nation's image." Visual Anthropology, vol 10, nos 2-4. 1998. {Also appeared in Catalan in: Nueva antropologia de las sociedades mediterraneas. Ed Maria-Angels Roque. Barcelona: Institut Catala de la Mediterrania. 2001} Reem Saad. “Social Reproduction and Social Transformation: Trade and Exchange Relations in the Rural South”. In: Nicholas Hopkins and Reem Saad (eds). Upper Egypt: Identity and Change. American University in Cairo Press. 2004. Reem Saad. “Transforming the meaning and value of traditional crafts in Egypt”. In Cairo Papers In Social Science Special Issue: Cultural Dynamics in Contemporary Egypt. Vol. 27. Nos 1&2. 2006. Reem Saad. "Egyptian Workers in Paris- Economic Migration and the Male Burden under Transnationalism". Kvinder, Køn & Forskning (Women, Gender & Research) 2-3/2007 "Transnational Experiences: Europe - Middle East".

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