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Lebanese American University (LAU)

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Environmental and Water Quality Lab, Department of Civil Engineering

This lab has a full range of standard equipment for performing routine environmental analyses of unit processes and operations in water and wastewater treatment, water quality parameters, investigations in fresh and marine water quality, solid waste characterization and properties, evaluation of treatment processes, digestion and co-digestion, reactor performance, solid waste management, environmental impact monitoring, and environmental site investigations.

Student Life: Activities around the Environment

Read about student collaborations with the Association for Forests, Development, and Conservation (AFDC), Operation Big Blue, Safadi Foundation, and the One Day on Earth Campaign.

Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering

The mission of the graduate program in Civil and Environmental Engineering is to provide students with a well-rounded set of career skills that empowers them to address a wide range of problems through exposure to an advanced body of knowledge and scholarly endeavors.

Minor in Environmental Science

The minor in Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary program, which gives students the opportunity to examine environmental issues from a variety of perspectives. The knowledge of environmental science major issues is central to theories and research in chemistry, biology, civil engineering, as well as social science, business, and public policy. The purpose of this program is to provide students with the broad conceptual framework of environmental issues and to offer a new global vision of this interesting discipline.

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