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American University of Sharjah (AUS)



AUS’ Vision and Strategy strive to deliver excellent education and research in a sustainable manner. The university recognizes its responsibility to the environment and is committed to reduce its environmental impact and improve its environmental performance. By implementing proper practices AUS aims to ascertain sustainable use of natural resources and to prevent any wasteful or polluting exercises.


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences

Our multidisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences program integrates biology, chemistry and other related sciences in order to enable students to identify and understand environmental issues and devise solutions.


Master in Urban Planning

Our unique program is committed to the creation, dissemination and application of multidisciplinary knowledge in the field of urban planning. Our program provides professional men and women with outstanding, specialized graduate education that enables them to undertake leadership roles in managing urban growth, prescribing urbanization policies and advancing social development. We seek to empower students with the highest ethical standards compatible with values of local cultural settings, principles of social justice, and concerns for environmental protection and sustainability.


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