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Water, Energy, Food (WEF) Nexus Project

Water, energy and food security is an urgent global concern, and there is a critical need for a nexus approach that recognizes the inter-relationship between these resources. Researchers at UC Davis and the Arab region have been exploring potential opportunities to leverage their separate work on the intersections of water, energy and food.  The Arab region shares similar challenges with California: water access as a limiting factor in food production; food waste in the harvesting, processing, and increasing waste in the consumption phases; and high agriculture and food processing energy costs.  The BCBCB Consortium established a Water-Energy-Food Nexus Committee comprised of researchers from the partnering universities in the region and from UC Davis to collaborate on a new project to apply a Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus framework to identify innovative solutions to minimize loss and waste in agriculture and food production in order to ensure water, energy and food security for future generations.  The project: “Minimizing the Losses of Water, Energy and Food throughout the Agriculture and Supply Chain Processes,” will examine WEF Nexus case studies in Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, UAE, and the U.S. (California) to identify country/region-specific challenges and opportunities, and share strategies and practices that can be applied in areas with similar conditions.

Steering Committee
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