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Training to Research Workshops:

AWFG Training to Research workshops aim to provide training to graduate students, scholars, and NGO researchers on writing successful research proposals that better articulate their research question and provide them with a greater probability of being funded, in addition to training in research design and implementation. Workshops will be offered separately (or jointly where appropriate) to graduate students, scholars, and NGO researchers. Modeled after the proposal writing workshop that Suad Joseph offers, these workshops will utilize AFWG core members’ experience. Suad Joseph provides the basic guidelines and structure of the workshop to participants, while AFWG core group members will engage the participants in small group discussions on their individual projects. In each country, the local AFWG Core Group members will follow up with the trainees in either individual or group meetings to reinforce the training and address questions. 

Past Training to Research Workshops

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Media Workshops:

AFWG Media Workshops aim to to engage media personnel and practitioners on the issues that AFWG researches. Through inviting key regional media outfits to a series of interviews and engagements around representations of Arab families in the media and AFWG research findings, AFWG can further disseminate its findings and help deconstruct the monolithic representation of families in the media.

Past Media Workshops


Stakeholder Workshops:

The purpose of AFWG Stakeholder Workshops is to share research thoughts, topics, results, and methodologies with various sets of stakeholders who are involved with work on families in the countries where AFWG researches. They aim to bring together AFWG core group members and community activists, other colleagues and researchers of family studies, policy makers and governmental and non-governmental representatives involved in law and policy making around families, and professionals and practitioners engaged in transformative work on families. An engaged dialogue on the issues among these various constituencies is believed to develop further AFWG research and its responsiveness to community concerns and illuminate theoretical frameworks and methods to community practitioners. It will also allow for in-progress evaluation of AFWG research and on-going dissemination of research outcomes.

Past Stakeholder Workshops

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